An evening with Suresh (Eeks) and Nilima Eriyat

Suresh Eriyat


Nilima Eriyat

Wife and Producer

Suresh and Sachin

Like minded purists


Suresh Eriyat and Nilima Eriyat

25th March 2015



Shared their journey of 17 years into Film Making and Animation with team Thatzit and inspired each one and touched hearts by their passion and innovation in their work. They have almost 350 films to their credit and fund themselves for dream animation films that they produce in-house. We realised that their outlook towards life, attention to detail and bring variety in each project was outstanding. It was an evening where we all took our bit of inspiration from our Maven.


Suresh Eriyat (Eeks) who graduated from National Institute of India in 1997, dedicated his time and effort to spread awareness of good storytelling with the help of different kinds of animation styles inspired from India culture. The biggest defining moment of all was in 2009 when they – Nilima (wife/producer) and Eeks – launched Eeksaurus. At Eeksaurus, the focus is on creating a market in India for good quality animated stories. 



  • Best director and best art direction in Apollo Awards, 2013 and won gold Award in 8th Tehran
  • International Film Festival, 2013 for Google Chrome.
  • Best experimental animated advertisement in 24 fps International Award, 2013
  • Best International advertisement in FICCI BAF Award, 2014 for Rasna
  • Best production design bronze Award at Goa Fest- Creative Abby, 2014 for Ixigo.
  • Won India Region Award in 16th TBS Digicon, 2014 for Rotary Fateline
  • Best TVC in 24 fps International Award, 2014 for Rotary Fateline.

Dream Project

Fisherwoman and Tuktuk


A love affair of the fisherwoman and her Tuk-tuk- set in a coastal village, where the heat of the Indian summers, the stench of dried fish, the triumph of human endeavor against odds, the thrill of adventure, the over excited colours and loud music that blankets the solitude weave a story of a lonely fisherwoman who lives her dreams through her hard earned Tuk tuk.