The Madras Chronicles – Connemara Chennai

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The Madras Chronicles – Connemara  Chennai


Client: Vivanta by Taj, Connemara, Chennai

Agency: Thatz it Pvt Ltd

ProjectThis living installation offers you vignettes from an eventful era in Chennai’s history that is inextricably linked to Connemara’s status as a “first amongst equals” address. An era where “hotels were not just a place to stay but symbols of wealth, status and Empire”

Dating back to circa 1814 and having in a manner chronicled the city’s journey from erstwhile Madras to Chennai, “The House on Choultry Plain” as Connemara first stood, is a veritable time machine to momentous chapters in the city’s annals. Our Installation Design team fabricated the monuments, laser etched maps and setup the space for public viewing.

PanelPro team: Curated by Pranali Daundker and Sachin Puthran

Power of 4 team: Design