The K Project

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The “K” Project


Client: Vivanta by Taj Dwarka, Dwarka, NCR New Delhi

Agency: Thatz it Pvt Ltd

Project: One of the most captivating personalities in the history of Indian mysticism has been Sant Kabir. Sant Kabir and his followers named his poetic output as “bāņīs” (utterances). These include songs and couplets called “dohe”. Each doha is an aphorism in itself, a perspective, a facet that rings true, at times seemingly obscure yet truly profound. And they do ring miles further than the simple two line geometry and structure they embody.

Vivanta by Taj – Dwarka, takes inspiration from this profound yet simple mystic poet and endeavours at expressions beyond its architectural lines and geometric confines. Curated by Pranali Daundker with Team Thatzit facilitating the design and  production of 36 hexagon’s fabricated in white, with backlit illustrated paintings representing each doha. The central doha was executed in calligraphy and converted to custom font. For the audio space we designed the audio experience podium and also setup up the Kabir Music zone.

PanelPro Team: Illustration – Subodh Patil, Calligraphy – Deepak Rathod

Power of 4 team: Design 


The lobby passage leading to the lounge showcases the interpretive “K” project whereby a modern and contemporary narrative of one of the foremost saints of India, his couplets and his music is rendered in a unique audio visual format. The designs of the installation in line with the overall design philosophy of facets, geometry and blocks are a seamless entity. Contributed to by serious students of the saint and his philosophy, the project is a creative extension of the address.

Design philosophy inspired from facets, geometry and blocks
Allocated Space
Design Plan
3D Visualisation
Custom Calligraphy
Illustration Style
Exploded View
Finished installation
60ft wide
Audio Podium
3D View
Completed artwork
3D visualisation of Podium
Audio Podium executed
Audio Experience Space