AP Smart Care

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AP Smart Care Brand Film


Client: Asian Paints

Agency: Thatz it Pvt Ltd

ProjectSmartCare is a range of innovative waterproofing products from Asian Paints. The attempt with this film was to create a perception about the brand, which will make it the automatic choice for dealers and contractors working in the area of home construction and care. 

By drawing an analogy between the inner complexity of a seemingly simple device like a watch and the immense research and innovation that goes into each of the SmartCare products, we cracked an interesting but easy-to-grasp concept which worked for the client.

Their research centre was then shot and treated in a stylized manner in post-production, to create a sharp, sleek film that worked on the story level as well as visually. The story of the brand was captured succinctly, while the film itself leaves the viewer with a sense of future-driven technology.

Power of 4 team: Film