3D Stereo Animation for Jain Museum

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3D Stereo Animation for Jain Museum


Client: Shri Digambar Jain Malwa Prantik Sabha Sangrahalaya

Producer: Aabhas Communication – Sunil Salgia

Project: The aim was to create a unique experience for the visitors of this museum – a specially-designed acoustic theatre with a 3D visual experience. We started by research and understanding the figurative representation of the Tirthankar. Based on photographic references, our team constructed the entire figure in 3D. Each of the Tirthankars had a specific graphic symbol, colour and environment. Based on moodboards, we then built the entire set in 3D and created fluid animations as per the music track. The final output was tested on Panasonic 2K beamers.

PanelPro Specialist: Uday Kadkade (Art Direction, Lighting and Rendering)

Power of 4 team: Animation